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ACT®and SAT Prep Courses


Each prep course is personalized to match the needs of each individual student.

Content Review

Our courses provide in-depth content review, so that you can feel confident with your skills on test day.

Testing Strategies

We cover strategies to help manage time, nerves, and tricky questions on the exams. 


You will play an integral role in your progress with each question and exchange of information, not listening to a teacher lecture for an hour.

About the ACT/SAT

Who takes the ACT/SAT?  High school students who are interested in attending a college or university that requires or recommends either the ACT or SAT.  Many students find it beneficial to take the exam after they've completed Algebra 2.

What does each exam cover?  The ACT includes four tests plus an optional writing test: English, Math, Reading, and Science.  The SAT includes three tests plus an optional essay: Reading, Language and Writing, and Math. 

How do I register to take the test?  You can register here for the ACT and here for the SAT.

Course Fees

Consultation: FREE

Complete: $1860

Review: $1280

Focus: $1010

Hourly*: $130/hour

*Books, workbook, daily study guides, and formula

sheets are not included (sold separately)

ACT/SAT Prep Courses

We offer four convenient courses based on student need.  Please take a look at the information below and then contact us here with any questions or to request a free consultation.


ACT® Complete (20 sessions, all subjects):  ACT Complete offers the most comprehensive review of topics and thorough analysis of strategies.  Complete includes 20 one-on-one sessions (each personalized to the student's needs), prep course textbooks, ACT Prep Course Workbook, daily study guide, and ACT flashcards.

ACT® Review (12 sessions, one or two subjects):  ACT Review offers an overview of the most important ACT topics and strategies.  Review includes 12 one-on-one sessions (each personalized to the student's needs), prep course textbooks, ACT Prep Course Workbook, and daily study guide.

ACT® Focus (8 sessions, one subject): ACT Focus is designed for students needing to retake a single ACT subject.  This course works well for students needing to raise their ACT English, Reading, or Science scores.  For ACT Math retakes, ACT Review is recommended.

ACT® Hourly:  ACT Hourly is designed to offer the most convenience when there are only a few crucial topics needing covered.  Materials are all sold separately.

If you would like to know more about each course, please click on the icon to view the

"2022 ACT Prep Courses" or click here to contact us. 

2023-2024 ACT

Prep Courses

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