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GMAT® Prep Courses


Each prep course is personalized to match the needs of each individual student.

Content Review

Our courses provide in-depth content review, so that you can feel confident with your skills on test day.

Testing Strategies

We cover strategies to help manage time, nerves, and tricky questions on the exams. 


You will play an integral role in your progress with each question and exchange of information, not listening to a teacher lecture for an hour.

About the GMAT

Who takes the GMAT?  College students or graduates who are interested in applying for graduate business admissions.  

What does the exam cover?  The GMAT includes four main tests: Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative, and Verbal. 

How do I register to take the test?  You can register here for the GMAT.

Course Fees

Consultation: FREE

Complete: $1850

Review: $1350

Rush: $1000

Hourly*: $150/hour

*Books, workbook, daily study guides, and formula

sheets are not included (sold separately)

GMAT Prep Courses

We have recently changed the GMAT Prep Courses that we offer.  Please click here to inquire about the current courses and fees. 

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