Spanish Courses:

Elementary and Middle School Spanish, Spanish 1*, Spanish 2*, Spansih 3*, Spanish 4*, Spanish 5*, and AP Spanish.

We assist students of all ages and abilities.

*High school and college level courses


Consultation: FREE

First hour per week: $70

Second hour per week: $65

Third(+) hour per week: $60

*Rates reset each week

More on Spanish Tutoring:

We have helped many students achieve both their personal and academic language learning goals.  Jody, our main Spanish tutor, has lived and taught in Spanish-speaking countries, which allows her to provide first-hand experiences with the various cultures and dialects.


Do you or your child need help getting caught up?  

We pride ourselves in being able to help students of all ages advance in their Spanish knowledge and applications.  Each tutor will approach instruction with patience and understanding.  We want to make the process as beneficial and enjoyable as possible!


Are you or your child performing at grade level, but want to advance?  

Many students find themselves performing at grade level in their coursework, but wish to further their education beyond what they're learning at school.  We love independent learning!  Our tutors are happy to introduce you to new and more challenging topics to further develop your skills.


Are you or your child wanting to prepare for an upcoming Spanish course?  

We have found that students perform at a much higher level on their coursework when a foundation of the material already exists.  This provides additional confidence for the student going into his or her first day of class.  We'll be happy to provide the materials and instructions to help you get ahead of the curve!

If you answered "Yes!" to any of above questions, you've found your new educational resource.  We will help you obtain your goals!


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